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Yomo game play

The new mobile game Yomo is taking the market by storm. It’s a pleasantly frustrating adventure; it’s a game that requires focus and dexterity. Saving your friends from the evil rhino Guko is the objective of this game, but it is not the key to survival.

Along your journey, you smash colored tiles to progress to the next level. It’s important to understand how you are approaching the game. Simply smashing colored squares is not enough.  You must develop a broader perspective to progress to higher levels. Frustration sets in when you keep hitting the same problem and ending with the same ending. What’s going wrong with your game?

If this is where you are at, stop for a second. Analyze your performance. Why are you not making it through to the next level? What factor or set of factors are repeating themselves in your game? When you can define what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to adapt and overcome any challenge you find on that island.

The secret to Yomo island lies within your approach to the game…

yomo game yomo game play

Here are a few clues to assist you in your quest:

  • You need to be able to define a strategy to your game. This is critical to your survival and to that of your friends. If you simply smash the tiles in front of you, you’re only addressing the immediate task. Keep in mind that you have power-ups that can assist you in several ways. The way in which you play those power packs will define your windows of opportunity on the playing field.
  • Don’t get frustrated. Time is your greatest enemy. If you allow the clock to slip away from you, your performance will be challenged. Keep focused. Isolate on the immediate task while the clock is running. Between levels, take a breather and let your eyes, mind, and fingers rest.
  • Use both hands. This is a decision for each player. Do I use one or two hands? It’s up to you. Dexterity is great, but access to the diverse real estate on that tablet may require a second hand. Not everyone can tackle this game with more than one hand.
  • Look for patterns. Get a feel for the visual display. Know when you’re limited to a single square or a sequence. Look for patterns that follow lines, patches, and multiple regions of tiles to destroy. Attacking simple patches will not get you through to the next level.

Your quest with Yomo starts with a whimsical journey. It grabs your attention when you discover there is more than meets the eye. As you play the game, take a step back and look at what is working for you and what you can change to improve your odds of success. Good luck, and may you find that solution that has eluded your play until now. Download and play now!

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