Yomo game is back! – The epic tile adventure has been re-released

Yomo game

This dexterity driven, distracting dilemma is back! As you claw your way across Yomo Island to rescue your friends, you’ll discover new challenges and new rewards.

Take another journey to this isolated land, where your friends’ survival rests in your hands. This re-release has crafted new audio, action combinations, and objectives for the sole purpose of frustrating you on your quest. Yomo game combines delicate action, manual dexterity, and pattern recognition in this addictive and exciting game.

This new release includes new and creative gameplay, including diagonal swiping, charge tiles, and super combos. They’ve all been designed to increase the game’s complexity and sense of adventure.

Ambient improvements have also been included, such as new tile smashing sounds, level-time sounds, and new level backgrounds, giving the game an all-new appearance and style. If you’ve already played Yomo, it’s time to visit again.

On Yomo Island, your friends have been taken hostage by the evil rhino Guko! It’s up to you, your wit, and your determination to set them free. You’ll progress through a series of challenging levels, as you plunge deeper into the heart of Yomo Island.

Your progress across the island is the only thing that will keep your dear friends from certain doom. From casual gamers to seasoned experts, Yomo proves to be a challenging mix of both manual dexterity and critical thinking.

Yomo’s game objective is to crush tile patterns as quickly as possible. This may seem like a simple goal, but it’s far from simple in execution. To reach each level, you’ll need to identify and destroy various tile combinations quickly. As the game progresses, you’ll discover more intricate patterns in the fray. All the while, you’ll uncover a whimsical and interactive adventure. The story is revealed as the player gets closer to unraveling the secrets of Yomo Island.

Whether you have five or fifty minutes, Yomo game is the perfect adventure to pass the time – just make sure to keep your eye on the clock, if you lose track of time, your friend’s luck may run out! The re-release is here to challenge your skill. If you step foot on this island, your survival rests with only your wits and your skill.

Yomo game is currently available on both iTunes and the Google Play Store. Start your adventure today!

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