Yomo – a challenging adventure

adventure games- Yomo an epic tile adventure game

The Pew Research Center examined the prevalence of gaming in America and discovered that about 50% of Americans play video games and 10% consider themselves gamers. The study states that “Among the general public, attitudes toward games are complex and often uncertain.” What isn’t in dispute is that the public turns to games to relax. Many individuals use games as a momentary escape from stress and monotony.

A new game has been designed to provide an escape – Yomo.

adventure games- Yomo an epic tile adventure game

The game developers wanted to create an interactive environment that would task the players and bring them along on a whimsical journey. On this adventure, skills need to be refined to reach increasingly difficult goals. Here, players can develop eye-hand coordination abilities and enjoy a sense of adventure. Let’s be honest, why develop new super-skills if you can’t save a few prisoners?

The game’s objective is to see how quickly tiles can be crushed. You need the presence of mind to grasp how large tile combinations can be eliminated. Welcome to the world of Yomo Island. Before you is a series of challenges and a quest of honor. On this island, the villainous rhino Guko has taken your friends prisoner. To rescue them, you must face a series of increasingly ambitious challenges. Their survival is in your hands. Yomo is an adventure that will test every gamers’ concentration and eye-hand coordination skills.

Yomo is an excellent way to explore a new adventure, develop eye-hand coordination, and simply kill time when you have a few extra moments. The key to this entire adventure is to simply have fun. Kick back and enjoy a few moments of frustration. It’s not as easy as it looks! Remember – time is your greatest enemy! Your friends’ survival depends on your ability to outwit the villainous Guko! Yomo is the latest craze to test your wits. Everything depends on your concentration skills. Who will be victorious – you or Guko?

Yomo is available for download at both the iTunes and Google Play Store.


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